Recycled timber


With the increasing threat of climate change to our planet, it has become our responsibility to make earth a greener and safer place through sustainability. Without practising sustainable living, everyone else will suffer from the incredibly harmful effects of climate change, which include rising sea levels, intense droughts, and increasing temperatures.

One of the best ways to help our planet and prevent climate change is by lowering our greenhouse gas emissions. This may include recycling, using renewable resources, planting trees, buying energy-efficient products, and so on.

In the field of construction, they typically use concrete and steel to build and support houses, commercial establishments, and high-rise buildings. But those two materials are not considered as environmentally friendly due to the process of how they are made.

However, there’s a sustainable material that is not as popular compared to steel and concrete. But has so many benefits.

That material? Timber.

One of the best examples of a sustainable material in construction, timber is both a renewable and recyclable resource that can be used in building houses and buildings. Renewable because it’s a product of nature that naturally replenishes itself over time. And recyclable because it can be reclaimed and then re purposed into pieces of furniture, roof trusses, or even wall frames.

Its manufacturing process only requires few amounts of energy, which makes it even more eco-friendly. And it also stores carbon dioxide, reducing greenhouse gas emissions even further.

If you’re worried that timber is not that durable and reliable like traditional materials, don’t be, because its strength and quality is outstanding just like its environmental advantages.

In fact, an influential advisory group in Washington, USA concluded that some buildings constructed with timber could soar up to 18 stories high, without posing a threat to safety. That says a lot about the superb quality of timber in construction.

Also, there are numerous wooden towers that already exist or are currently underway here in Australia as well as other countries, which means the sustainable material’s popularity is starting to rise all over the world.

While timber is already an amazing sustainable material itself, recycled timber is even better and friendlier for our environment. Since the logging industry often participates in unethical logging practices that result to deforestation, the process of harvesting timber sometimes causes a myriad of environmental problems, which makes the whole purpose of using timber kind of counterproductive.

Timber milling

Recycled timber is waste timber typically sourced from demolished old wooden structures and bridges, which are fairly common in several countries including here in Australia. Most timber suppliers and consumers started to practice recycling timber as a means to combat both climate change and deforestation issues. And their decision to do that has greatly benefited our planet. There are also some companies that manufacture timber frames and trusses and offer timber joinery services using recycled timber.

Through the use of recycled timber, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint even further and help heal our planet at the same time. Using it as a building material allows you to enjoy both the environmental and performance benefits that it presents. It also means that you’re helping make a positive change to our planet which is continuously being negatively impacted by the environmentally harmful practices of careless people.