environmentally friendly products


If you want to make this planet a better place buying eco-friendly products for your household is a great place to start.

Non-environmentally friednly products, such as plastics, are notorious for containing a slew of harmful chemicals that are bad for both children and adults. Not only that, but when plastic products are no longer needed and then disposed of at landfills or in the ocean, it takes so long for them to decompose that they cause harm to animal life in the process. In addition, most products undergo a manufacturing process that generates tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which are known to be responsible for global warming and climate change.

In general, non-green products are just bad our planet, which is why you should try avoiding them as much as you can. If you’re interested to begin your transition into eco-friendly living by buying eco-conscious products for your household, here are a few purchase ideas for you:

LED Light Bulbs

Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs that waste up to 80% electrical energy, LED light bulbs convert 95% of electrical energy into light and waste only 5%, which makes the latter the more efficient option. Aside from that, LED light bulbs have a longer operational life and are more energy efficient, which reduces the accompanying greenhouse gas emissions that go with the amount of power siphoned on power plants.

Organic Towels

Do you agree that one of the best moments at home is whenever you wrap yourself with a soft, cosy towel after taking a cold evening shower? Well, what if I told you that you can still enjoy that comforting moment with your towel but with the exception of a minor change – you do it the eco-friendly way and shift to organic towels. Organic towels are not only environmentally safe (they are free of pollutants, harsh dyes, and synthetic agricultural chemicals), but they are also really comfortable and gentle on your skin. Most organic towels are also picked with sustainable farming methods, so using them instead of traditional towels is like really good for our planet.

Natural Rugs

Rugs made from synthetic fibre are a popular (and most common) choice among homeowners due to their functional and aesthetic benefits; however, they usually contain a variety of chemicals that can cause long- and short-term health complications to a home’s occupants. Instead of going for synthetic, choose rugs that are made from natural materials like wool, bamboo, jute, and seagrass. These natural rug types (which can be bought from Rugs Online) are capable of adding comfort and aesthetic appeal to any room in a home the same way that a synthetic rug can, therefore you don’t have to worry about downgrading in terms of comfort and quality.

Low-Flow Shower Heads

You probably already know that conserving water is a great way to help our environment (and lower your water bill), but what you probably don’t know is that there are shower heads which are capable of doing just that. Low-flow shower heads use less water compared to traditional shower heads (the best ones use up to 75% less water). What’s even better is they don’t sacrifice quality, efficiency and power just to become eco-friendly. In fact, there are some shower head products that cover up to ten times more surface area than a regular shower head, meaning that a more pleasurable showering experience awaits you. Not too bad for something that has low-flow in its name.