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Glazing describes the work done by a professional glazier, which is to fit glass into the doors and windows of houses, apartments, multi-storey offices, high-rise buildings, and other structures.

And by basing on what glazing means, anyone can guess that double glazing has something to do with doubling up the amount of glass fitted into windows and doors.

If you guessed that too, you’re correct.

Instead of using one pane, double glazing uses two panes of glass that are separated by an argon or an air filled vacuum.

While double glazing is not an entirely new concept, plenty of older homes and buildings in Australia are not outfitted with double glazed doors or windows, causing the occupants of such properties to miss out on double glazing’s amazing benefits.

If you’re among those property owners who have yet to get glass replacements for their older style windows, we’re going to share to you the awesome benefits of double glazed units so that you’ll be convinced to make a change.

Lowers Energy Consumption

Do you want to significantly reduce your energy bills? One of the best ways to do it is by switching to double glazed units. With double glazing’s extraordinary ability to provide better insulation, your heating or air conditioning systems won’t need to run for many hours just to keep you comfortable, helping lower your energy consumption in the process.

Increases Resale Value

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of double glazed units, switching to double glazing immediately adds significant appeal and value to your property. Not only will your home or building’s aesthetics improve with double glazing, but your property’s thermal performance will also improve along with it.

Improves Air Quality

When double glazed units utilize warm edge technology, a spacer bar system that works better than metal spacer bars, the air quality in a room or an entire property will also significantly improve. Warm edge technology helps double glazed windows maintain ideal humidity levels that are safe for the health, preventing the onset of viruses and bacteria that may cause a myriad of health issues to your property’s occupants.

Boosts Security

Unlike older models that can easily be breached by intruders from the exterior, double glazed units are far more secure due to their complex locking and sealing system that prevents a seal or frame from being jimmied from the outside. Other than that, double glazed doors and windows are much more difficult to break than single-pane units.

Reduces Noise

For offices, one of the keys to a happy and productive workplace is through proper sound insulation. The same concept also applies to residential properties, because a cosy, peaceful home is always a happy home. Double glazing can help significantly reduce noise pollution from the outside as well as the inside. So when you hire a glass cutting shop like Shanes Glass to replace your existing units with double glazing, you will create a soothing environment for all of your property’s occupants.