Is your life big enough to live in?  Does it offer a sense of fulfillment and service to something larger?  

What truly matters—to YOU in this, your one precious life? If you haven’t sat to ponder how your life is in service in a while, I urge you do.

Here’s why.  Everything that we believe, dream, and create first takes seed in our values.  In valuing nurturing and empowering relationships, we will be spurred to manifest enlivening connection.  Alternatively, if we value solitude and quiet reflection, we are moved to create this possibility.

With spring in full swing, I am practicing a deep values cleansing.  It involves looking at all facets of the way I live–including the presence that imbues all my actions–and questioning the values at their essence.

What values do I yearn—in every way—to align my actions with?  What life dimensions matter most to me these days?

That inspires me to ..

The SEVEN Nuggets I Currently Value:

  1. Freedom to live an authentic, and value-centered life–increasingly free of the extractive economy
  2. Lifelong self-directed exploration
  3. Sense of fulfillment–>perfecting the art of being me
  4. Nurturing relationships–>Soul-Tending
  5. Spiritual evolving –> coming home
  6. Daily SERVICE for the sake of the 7 future generations
  7. Passionate creationing, and GIVING vastly more than I destroy or take—from our one precious Earth

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